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Thanks for visiting us, We are Enrico & Eleonora, Italian wedding Photographers, we are easy people who love their work,  our photography born for our necessity to do something nice for other people. So after the delivery of the first wedding, we saw the happiness of our client who felt the same emotions of that day by looking at their photos.

We are gonna find the small gesture, the wind moving the dress, two hands holding tight, all the things that make unique your wedding story.

We Living the day feeling part of it, putting all ourselves on your day, we experience the emotions of the day as your guest.

Giving you our eyes and heart until we put the camera in the backpacks, full of memories that we will elaborate with the utmost care and passion because they also become our memories.

Treasuring every experience both on a human and professional level, this makes our work alive, in constant change. Photographing people and their story is our mission, it is what makes us jump out of bed and get 12 hours or more with the camera in hand, under the summer sun, almost without ever sitting down, but at the end of the day, we will still want jump with you on the dance floor.

“yes this is what we want to do, this is our mission”. 

We like the intimacy and the elegance of the simple things, a little gesture, a smile, a look… Nothing is left to chance.

Travel and meet new folks is what we like the most.

We love our country and the people who love him.

Soon it will be your

Italian wedding Photographers

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